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The Nile Challenges


Challenge Facing The Nile And Lake Victoria?

The quality of the Nile waters has generally deteriorated because of population growth and urbanization, agricultural intensification and industrial development.


The new State of the Nile Basin Report (2020) revealed that there is localized pollution experienced mainly around urban centers. The report compiled by the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat based in Entebbe said there is considerable risk that fresh water downstream of major urban areas may become polluted and de facto unusable.


There are cases of industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, agricultural drainage, oil pollution and blue –green algae. The blue-green algae affect health of fish and may poison them. There are several known spillage of oils into the water from various sources. Bush burning along the river coupled with cultivation within the riverbanks increases on pollution levels.


It is against that background that Promote Uganda Ltd, Promote Uganda Safaris and Amazing Events are coming up with an initiative to create awareness through an international run.  This is part of the wider effort to mobilize the community to reduce human related activities that are currently damaging the quality of water from Lake Victoria and River Nile. 


Promote Uganda Ltd and her other partners is approaching other partners to ensure that this initiative is organized successfully.  We also plan to collaborate with various organizations involved in protecting River Nile and Lake Victoria from Uganda to Egypt. We shall endeavor to replicate the good practices in Uganda in all the countries associated with River Nile.


We shall conduct regular research to track the progress made in conserving the two water bodies.


Support the annual river nile run , by purchasing a ticket and our kits so we can take action on creating a brighter tomorrow since the lake victoria and river nile are a treasure and has been of great importance in building our country , Uganda.